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Where should I start?

My About page will tell you a lot about me, but start here with my very first blog post that talks about my journey with art and how I got to where I am now!

Do you accept commissions?

I am currently accepting commissions, yes! Please check out my Work With Me page to contact me so we can chat about what you are looking for.

What is your refund/exchange/shipping policy?

Please check my Store Policies for more information on my policies for these topics.

Help, there's a problem with my order!

If you experience an issue with your order,  kindly email directly at so that we can work on a resolution. I care about you having a good experience with my shop, our interactions, and your order. Please note that there are some circumstances that I do not have control over, but if you reach out I may be able to help provide some insight on. Some questions on issues with orders may be answered on the Store Policies page, but please feel free to reach out if your questions are not answered. I will do my best to help you if I can.

Can I use your art for a wallpaper? What about posting on social media?

You are welcome to use my work for a phone wallpaper. If you would like to post my art elsewhere (ie, sharing on social media), a mention of me as the artist a link to the source page of the work is required. Please do not use my work for any public wallpapers or backgrounds, such as on a blog or website. If you'd like me to design something to use for your site, please reach out to me on my Work With Me tab.

I do not approve of copying, tracing, editing, redistributing, reposting, or reselling of any of my artwork and/or products. Any violation of these guidelines or infringement on my work may result in legal action.

Can I use your art for a tattoo?

If you are inspired by my work and would like to have it tattooed, first of all, I'm so honored you'd want to put something I drew on your sweet bod! By purchasing a Tattoo Ticket from me, you will be granted license for a tattoo one of my illustrations. You will receive one high-resolution PDF of your selection from my existing work, along with a written statement provided by me granting license for use, which you may provide to your tattoo artist. The PDF will be watermarked and may not be printed for personal use or distribution. Each ticket purchased is a license valid for only one tattoo. Minor changes such as colors, adding text or ancillary elements, etc, are permitted, but if you are planning to alter my work more than that, please reach out to me for a commission instead. Please do not use my designs without purchasing.

 I do not permit my designs to be used in publications (such as tattoo books or portfolios), or as an artist’s tattoo flash without my consent. If you are a tattoo artist, please do not claim my design as your own, even if adjustments have been made.

What do you use to work?

I currently use an iPad Pro 9.7" with a matte screen protector (a necessity for drawing!), and a 1st gen Apple Pencil.


Before obtaining a tablet, I used to draw with anchor points with a mouse in Illustrator and transfer the vector to Photoshop to finish my work. Now with my tablet, I draw in Procreate, then transfer to Photoshop to finalize. I much prefer this process and am much happier working on a tablet with Procreate; you can read why here.

I have been using a Canon Pixma ip8720 to print on since 2016, but I recently invested in a Canon Pixma Pro-200 to transition to. I plan to give up my old 8720 once its final solitary ink cartridge runs dry.

I use a premium bright white acid-free matte inkjet paper to print with. It has treated me well, but I plan to start playing with semi-gloss soon.

Did you study art in school?

Nope! I sure didn't. I did nothing more than casually doodle while growing up. I dropped out of high school and didn't go to college; the last art-type class I took was photography in the eighth grade, so I have not had the opportunity to attend any formal art training or education. In 2014, I decided that I wanted to start designing posters for my favorite video games, so I taught myself digital illustration via tutorials and video processes while in jammies from my bed. I started out with very minimal designs, then gradually upped my game over time, focusing on details, definition, and illusory space. Everything I know has been a result of my own non-academic independent studying, which has only been possible through the generosity of others freely sharing their skills and knowledge.

Is this a side hustle? Do you have a "real" Job?

I purposefully but politely side-step the term side hustle. It has become what feels like a well-intentioned but altogether patronizing dismissal of the agency, effort, and hard work that goes into pursuing an individual interest that you want to support yourself with. Such a thing is called a business, and we should start calling it that.

To answer this question, I have been working as a project manager for the past three years. Before becoming a PM, I was an executive assistant for eleven years, and for several years during that time I often had second jobs in coffee shops or retail stores. I have been lucky in being afforded opportunities that have helped me navigate to where I am now, and I am proud to have my own business with my art, and it's a real job.

Do you have a newsletter?
Do you ship worldwide?

Yes; I ship everywhere that accepts mail from the United States Postal Service.

Who are your favorite artists?

We are all enormously blessed to have creative luminaries such as Jen Bartel, Abigail Larson, Megan Lara, Marguirite Sauvage, and Pernille Ørum, and I would encourage anyone to check them out who hasn't already.

Do you have eco-conscious practices?

I do my best to be eco-conscious whenever possible. I refill my own printer ink to offset the plastic waste from disposing the plastic cartridges. In order to conserve resources, operate with efficiency, and reduce carbon footprint, orders are usually dispatched to service carriers only once or twice a week. Supplies are bought in bulk to offset packaging waste. Stock is only printed as needed so that nothing is printed without necessity or wasted. Printing on an as-needed basis keeps me from having to buy supplies as frequently, and reduces packaging waste and carbon footprint.

Of the shipping supplies I currently utilize, paper, non-stick labels, envelopes, carboard shipping tubes, cardboard inserts, and tissue paper are all recyclable. Cellophane protectors used for prints and greeting cards is biodegradable. Please note that stickers including sticky shipping labels, plastic encasements from shipping tubes, PVC tape, and bubble mailers are not recyclable or biodegradable.

I am currently using a stash of packaging supplies I obtained 5-7 years ago, and once they are depleted, I will be sourcing more recyclable or biodegradable materials for supplies within budget and availability.

Have any more questions for me? Ask them here!

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